Keeping up with Javascript is HARD.

Flockling is a Slack App to make learning Javascript in the workplace EASY.

Pricing and plans

"Humaaans" by Pablo Stanley, used under CC BY / added yellow code square

Meet Flockling

Learning Javascript for work happens here

Flockling posts questions

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Flockling delivers concise and valuable posts directly to your team's Slack channel.

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Learn together

Each Flockling post is a moment for your local or remote team to engage in learning together. Flockling asks questions designed to promote discussion and discovery.

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Learn daily

Flockling keeps learning in the workplace. Your team won't need to visit yet another site. This encourages more frequent and daily use.

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Pricing and plans

Up to 3 active users.
No credit card required.

Top features:

  • checkmarkPosts to your team's Slack channel.
  • checkmarkBeginner level topics

All features in Free plan, plus:

  • checkmarkReport of your team's engagement.
  • checkmarkIntermediate and advanced level topics
  • Why do you only focus on Javascript?

    We are trying to solve our own problem first, dealing with the ever changing landscape of Javascript. Also, Javascript is now being used everywhere and allows us to reach a larger audience.

  • I want to learn other topics, will you support that?

    For now our focus is to make the Javascript learning experience awesome. We'll definitely take votes for new topics, so please email your request to


Have a question, found a bug, or wish Flockling did something more? Let us know!

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